How To Properly Maintain An Atomizer

Jul 16 2014

Hong How To Properly Maintain An Atomizer

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Today, I’m sharing two important tips with you. Maintaining an atomizer, and the truth about Chinese e-liquids.

Two very important topics that I think you should know about. An atomizer is probably the most important component of an e cigarette as it heats the e-liquid and produces water vapors. Without the atomizer, your electronic device will not be able to make sufficient vapors. It is not rare for an atomizer to malfunction. Hence, if you feel that your device is not generating adequate water vapors then this means that the atomizer is not working properly. You must clean the atomizer on a regular basis. The following are some ways in which you can maintain the atomizer efficiently.

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1. Use a lint free cloth in order to clean the connection points that are between the atomizer and adapter.

Dust and particles can easily stick onto the connection points thus affecting the performance of the atomizer. Hence, make sure that these connection points are absolutely clean and free from any kind of particles.

2. Use a blower to blow air into the atomizer. The air pressure will remove dust and debris that might be inside the atomizer.

3. You can also use an alcohol based mixture to clean the atomizer. Place the atomizer inside a medium sized bowl and pour the alcohol solution on top of it. Make sure that the atomizer is completely covered in the solution. Take out the atomizer after 15 minutes and clean it with a cloth. However, keep in mind that this step is optional.

4. In order to completely drain the alcohol based solution from the atomizer take a clean lint free cloth and put it on the table. You must make sure that the table is also clean. 5. Hold the atomizer in a way that the battery side is towards the roof. Wait until all the solution drains out of the atomizer. Usually, the atomizer will require a maximum of 3 hours to dry.

Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Chinese E-liquids

There are many different e-liquids brands out there and a number of ways to buy e-liquids of all types of quality levels. But since the use of e-liquids is getting older, some rule of thumb pointers have evolved which apply to everyone no matter what budget they are dealing with. The major rule to remember is that e-liquids from China are a complete no-no. There are a number of reasons for this and why this ideology has come to exist. For starters, over a long period of time, Chinese e-liquids have become synonymous with low quality. This happens because they are either cheap remakes of more expensive e-liquids that are made by good brands or simply because they have a low quality chemical composition that might actually be harmful with regular use. Since e-liquids are directly inhaled by the lungs and ingested into the smoker’s body, it is better to be safe than sorry. For purposes like this, it is best to go for the highest possible quality that you can afford and then just balance it out by spending less on everything else. It is recommended to make a good first time investment when you are buying an electronic cigarette since the better quality ones tend to last much longer and create far more satisfying and enjoyable vapor. E-liquids generally contain nicotine liquid, vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol and water along with a flavor of some sort. Propylene glycol is a chemical with a dodgy reputation and it pays to be careful whenever it is included in any food or drink item in a large amount. Although its usage has been approved by the FDA, there are still a few issues that need to be borne in mind and the quality of the propylene glycol that you are using is very important. With Chinese e-liquids you may not get the quality you are after and this could compromise your vaping experience as well.

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V2 Cigs Vs Vapor Zone

Jul 29 2014

The number of ecig choices out there is crazy and people that are new to the whole science of vaping often don’t know which brand is better than the other. But as long as you are starting from the top, you can sift though the premium brands and the best choices are V2 Cigs and Vapor Zone ecigs. Several aspects of an ecig are important when a new vaper is making this important choice. They need to consider the brand image and product design and inspect the quality of the ecig and the flavors available. V2 Cigs is no doubt on top of anyone’s list. They offer extremely affordable starter kit options which are rare for a brand that has received the amount of popularity that V2 has over the years. For most beginner vapers, they are the number one ‘go to’ option. The cartridges you get from V2 are state of the art and they keep coming up with tiny innovations to improve user experience.

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Vaporzone however has also been doing development on its own. They have created a larger battery so that more vaping can be done even though slightly more space is taken up in one’s pocket. Due to the increased voltage that is provided to the atomizer, you can get a more powerful vapor. If space is an issue for you, you can always opt for the V2 EX-battery line which provides extra battery power while still remaining delightfully bite-size. The LED indicator is very subtle and it notifies the vaper when the battery is running low. The designing is crafty though, as everyone around you is not going to be able to tell. This is the first sign of a premium ecig with superior quality. V2 mostly wins because of their pricing and their buy in bulk deals with customers. If the price wasn’t low enough already for all that you are getting, they throw in an extra discount every now and then just to spice things up.

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The starter kit is priced at $36.27 which is brilliant value for money and you get one automatic high-performing battery, six flavor refills, one charger (without adaptors) and one ecig. Of course in a kit this basic you will be missing out on some fun accessories like carrying cases but it is a low price given that you get to try out a premium brand. V2 makes a few different sizes for batteries and in more advanced kits you can customize your order to suit your needs. They make both manual and automatic batteries so choice is ample and their competitive prices don’t interfere with that. In more advanced kits you are also able to get a wider selection of flavors which include such favorites as Cherry and Cola. Vapor Zone provides all the fixings you expect in a premium brand although they are still relatively new on the scene and need time to evolve. For the time being, they aren’t proving a match for V2 and the following it has amassed.

Their Express starter kit is currently their most popular and it has made a good impact but has fallen behind because of it gaudy designing such as an orange glowing tip at the end of the ecig. Most vapers find that the appearance of the ecig draws more attention than they would like. With both these brands you can’t use another company’s components such as cartridges etc. All products must be bought from the brand itself or you risk damaging your device. The only upperhand that is apparent from Vapor Zone’s side is that they have a vaporizer section with a few good options. V2 has not started any such range yet and their primary focus is on the perfection of ecigs only. Both brands have dozens of good flavor blends to choose from although Vapor Zone can be credited with more variety but not necessarily better quality. V2 Cigs wins over in the quality department and they also allow you to customize your blends for the optimum user experience. Vapor Zone might have more variety but vapers often find that the flavors are not really up to the mark and leave a bitter aftertaste.

For more about v2, check out this full consumer review.  You’ll see a lot of the things I say, and even a coupon.

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